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About Dog Defence

For many years, our DeerFencers.com installation company has provided our clients with the ultimate solution against deer damage. Through our long association with the industry leaders in virtually invisible deer fencing, we have gained extensive experience in animal control methods. We are now able to translate this knowledge to provide pet control fencing solutions for homeowners. 

Know Your Dog is Safe

Watching your dog learn and grow in a protected environment is the best feeling for a dog owner. Like us humans, dogs need time outside to breathe in fresh air, get some exercise and socialize with others. It’s a pet owner’s responsibility to protect your animal from physical harm. The right pet fencing solution allows dogs to safely interact with people and socialize with other pets without worry on a regular basis.

Animal Fence Experts

At DOG DEFENCE, we are proud to offer quality pet enclosures to satisfy the needs of individual landscapes, pet breeds and budgets. We are just as passionate about our animals as you are – which is why all of our fence products are 100% harm-free to pets, owners and the environment. DOG DEFENCE can provide low visibility pet fences that will keep your dogs and cats on your property and keep uninvited guests out. 

Design & Install

All pet fencing is not created equal and choosing the right system at the right price can be confusing. As a part of the Sabia Landscape Group, DOG DEFENCE brings 20+ years of experience with animal control fencing to every project. We are proud to be able to measure the fences we have installed in miles instead of feet. We look forward to working with you to design a fence that truly works and our quality installation is key to overall long-term success. 

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